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ifva Carnival



Wong Ping


Event Space of Hong Kong Observation Wheel, Central, Hong Kong

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Two of Wong Ping’s animations have been selected by ifva Everywhere to be screened at their two-day event, the ifva Carnival. ‘Jungle of Desire’ tells the story of an impotent husband, unsatisfied wife and a megalomaniac policeman. It illustrates the perfect ecosystem of a concrete jungle, where Wong Ping’s characters are able to truly face their lust with no moral laws. ‘Doggy Love’, Wong Ping’s NSFW Valentine’s love story, is about a young boy’s erotic fixation with a classmate who boasts breasts on her back. It feeds into viewers’ child-like curiosity, playing with social and cultural taboos. Both films, exploring our innermost and repressed desires, are being screened at the ivfa Carnival’s ‘Night Screening: Self Catharsis’ on the Saturday night. The event considers the idea that animations are a potentially cathartic process for their creators who share their urban lifestyle and environment with their audience.