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[25.10.23 – 31.03.24]


Wong Ping


MAK Contemporary, MAK, Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna

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Thrilled to share “edging” presented at the MAK, Wong Ping’s the first solo exhibition in Austria of one of the most aspiring and eccentric contemporary artists. In his trenchant short films that intertwine personal and fictional stories Wong Ping uses sexual desire and suppressed fantasies as metaphors for larger social issues. In a setting created especially for the new exhibition space MAK Contemporary, the artist is presenting four of his latest animated films.

Wrapped in colorful pop language and cute aesthetics, Wong Ping addresses our deepest desires, suppressed fantasies or obscenities, paired with existential and political themes. Many of his stories reflect the atmosphere of our globalized and digitized society in the 21st century. “Sex is only the language, not the message,” says Wong Ping about his work, which takes a light-hearted, humorous, and accessible approach to reveal uncomfortable and shameful truths about society. Be it isolation, social pressure, political tensions, clashing ideologies, fear of intimacy, failure or the loss of individual freedoms, Wong Ping provides razor-sharp criticism and breaks down the contradictions and complexities of contemporary society in an unusual way. With disarming honesty, always on the edge between shock and humor, he encourages visitors to rethink ingrained standards of decency.

– Courtesy of MAK Contemporary.