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Interrupted Meals

[08.08.20 – 31.10.20]


Yu Ji, Zheng Bo


HOW Museum, Shanghai, China

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Delighted to announce Yu Ji and Zheng Bo’s presentation in the group exhibition. ‘Interrupted Meals’ at HOW Museum, Shanghai. The title of the exhibition comes from the book ‘The Parasite’, written by the French philosopher Michel Serres. In the book Serres sees human history as the “parasitic” history, a relationship between humanity and nature as well as humans themselves. As the first group exhibition at HOW Art Museum since the outbreak of COVID-19, the exhibition attempts to re-examine the relationship between humanity and nature, reflecting on the crisis surrounding the existing systems of production and methods of connection during this “interrupted” period in time.

On view is Yu Ji’s new work ‘Moving Banquet’ (2020), a site-specific installation for the exhibition, which refers to the human conditions. Zheng Bo on the other hand is presenting his work ‘Survival manual I (Hand-Copied 1961 “Shanghai’s Wild Edible Plants”)’ (2015), hinting at the relationship between the political crises and weeds, in other words, their work aims to bring out the importance of nature that often gets highlighted during times of crisis.