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[06.03.14 – 08.03.14]


Yuan Yuan


White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney, Australia

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Yuan Yuan has been selected to exhibit in the group show ‘Reformation’ at the White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney that explores the cutting edge of China’s vibrant art scene through more than 50 works, across multiple mediums. In particular, Yuan Yuan will exhibit his exquisite painting ‘Yerebatan Sarnici’ (2009), which depicts the decaying interiors of the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul, a colonnaded chamber dating back to the Byzantine period. Despite employing the traditional medium of oil on canvas painting, Yuan Yuan exhibits how artists in China are reforming traditional art forms in new and exciting ways as well as expressing messages using a global artistic lexicon, rather than one that is strictly ‘Chinese’. As such, ‘Reformation’ sets to present works by the boldest pioneers in what the head of China’s national art academy calls “the most experimental country in the world”.