[16.12.11 – 25.02.12]



The special project Winter Joy celebrates the Winter season’s subtle sweetness, enchanting qualities and joyous happenings. Under this thematic overhead, the exhibition brings together the work by internationally renown artists Yayoi Kusama, Yoshitomo Nara, Mr. and Irving Penn.

Far removed from the Winter season’s bleak associations, the exhibition includes Yayoi Kusama’s oeuvre ‘Beyond Love and Hate’, which features clustered magenta spermatozoa, swimming against a white background, forming an intricately sinuous and lace-like pattern. Complementing the delicacy of Kusama’s work is Irving Penn’s flower ‘Tuberous Begonia, New York’, whose petals, practically translucent in appearance, transport one to a winter garden, where all in bloom is thinned to a thread by the season’s piercing light. On the flip side, Mr.’s work is incredibly playful, featuring ecstatic manga characters, small hearts and twinkling stars: a sparkling step into the colourful world of animé.

The exhibition Winter Joy is about inspiring a sense of fun, merriment and laughter. The works displayed are to be enjoyed and experienced. At the heart, this special project is dedicated to arousing a certain hedonism and reinstating a sense of divertisement in the viewership of art.